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(07 - 08 November 2019 )



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Dear Researchers,

 The first INTERNATIONAL TURKISH-RUSSIAN ACADEMIC RESEARCH CONGRESS (UTRAK) was held on December 14-16, 2018 in Ankara with the participation and support of the Turkish Historical Organization, Ahmet Esevi University, St. Petersburg State University, Kazan State University and Yildirim Bayazit University. The Second Congress was also held in 2019 in Ankara with the participation and assistance of the Turkish Historical Organization, Ahmet Esevi University, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Gazi University.

Due to the great interest and academic contribution of scientists from Turkey and various international universities in the conducting research, the Third International Congress will again be held from 07 to 08 November 2020 in Ankara with the assistance and participation of Ankara Scientific University, Bashkir State University, Journal of Historical Studies (JHS) and Journal of Ottoman Heritage Studies (OMAD)

The Congress, led by Turkey and Russia, will invite scientists from around the world to conduct research in various fields of social sciences. Our main goal at this Congress is to bring scientists together to exchange scientific knowledge and research.

The Congress will accept reports from all areas of the social sciences, in particular, literature, history, sociology, philosophy, law, economics, business, finance, culture and art. In addition, reports from other branches of science, similar in topics to the areas of social sciences, can be accepted.  Presentations at the Congress can be oral or poster, and there will also be a mixed exhibition. The Congress will be held as usual. However, ONLİNE presentation rooms will be open for participants who cannot participate due to the ongoing pandemy, and presentations can be made via VIDEO CONFERENCE.

As at the previous Congress, all submitted reports after passing the judicial procedure will be published as soon as possible in one of the international publishing houses as a section or article of the full text of the book. The 3rd International Turkish-Russian Research Academic Congress (UTRAK) is organized taking into account the requirements for promotion in the academic field, including obtaining the scientific title of associate professor.