DECEMBER 14-16, 2018 


Distinguished researchers

Turkish and Russian sometimes live closely, sometimes live in peace and sometimes live in war for almost 15-16 centuries, but they still last their economic, political, social and military relations. As it is known, Turkish homeland is Central Asia. Movements of immigration starting in 4 th century intersect these two important countries’ history. Therefore, Central Asia will not be the first thing to come to mind when something related to Turkish world is mentioned. The geography extending from Central Asia to Europe and North Africa which Turks ruled over once might be area coming to mind when Turks are mentioned.

When Russian world is mentioned, it should not be understood just as a region which includes Moscow and its surroundings but also a wide region extending from Kamchatka to East Europe.

When these two worlds come together, a wide region extending from Central Asia to Central Europe is encountered. The main aim of this congress, International Turkish - Russian world Academic Research Congress (ITRAC), is to bring together these two countries’ scientists and researchers and bring out qualified work.

This congress will be held once a year. According to the current plan, it will be held in Turkey one year and in Russian or in other neighboring countries the following year.

In the congress, papers will be accepted from all the social sciences such as history, geography, economics, sociology, literature, archeology, arts, psychology, music under the condition of including Turkish-Russian World.

The first international Turkish –Russian World Academic Research Congress (UTRAC) will be held in Ankara on December 14-16, 2018 with the contributions of Yildirim Beyazit University,  Ahmet Yesevi University,  St. Petersburg State University and Kazan Federal University. Congress program will be taken place on YBU Campus.

Congress is planned according to New Academic Encouragement Rules.

We will be glad to see you who do valuable work in different science fields in our congress being held in Ankara.

Not only Turkish and Russian researchers but also all the academicians who are involved with scientific issues are welcomed to the congress.

Proceedings book will be published the following week after the congress is held.

The papers presented in the congress will be published as a part in the book published by International Berikan Publishing after the peer review process.