(12 - 14 November 2021 )


Dear Researchers,

The first of the 4th International Turkish - Russian World Academic Research Congress (UTRAK) was held in Ankara in 2018, hosted by Yıldırım Beyazıt University, the second by Gazi University and the third by Ankara Science University. As a result of the papers presented at these congresses, the Full Text Book and the Book chapters were published and presented to the benefit of the scientific world. All three of our congresses ended successfully with the support of you, our esteemed professors, who carry out academic studies in this field.

Again with your contributions, the 4th International Turkish - Russian World Academic Research Congress (UTRAK) will be held in Ankara between 12 - 14 November 2021, hosted by Ankara Science University. The congress is hosted by Ankara Science University and will also contribute to the Moscow State University Journal of History Studies as before. In the following days, the organizations that support the congress will be shared with you.

As it is known, the COVID - 19 epidemic has affected the world for more than a year. However, we plan to hold the congress with direct participation, considering that the vaccine will be made widely until November and the epidemic will slow down. Otherwise, the congress will be held ONLINE. This process will be shared with you in the future. However, there will be presentations as ONLINE for the participants who cannot participate directly.

Scientists working in different fields in various countries of the world, especially Turkey and Russia, are invited to the congress. Our main goal is to bring the scientists in question together and share their studies and knowledge.

Papers from all fields of social sciences, especially literature, history, sociology, philosophy, law, economics, business, finance, culture and arts, will be accepted to the congress. In addition, papers from other branches of science on scientific studies in Russia will be accepted. Presentations in the congress can be in the form of ORAL and POSTER presentations, as well as a mixed exhibition.

The papers to be presented in the congress will be published as a Full Text Book or Book Chapter after the referee evaluations as in previous congresses.

4th UTRAK Congress is held according to Associate Professorship and all academic promotion criteria, excluding Academic Incentive.